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"The Revolutionary New Crutches That Give You Unprecedented Comfort. Guaranteed!"

Crutches by smartCRUTCH™

Offers the user quality of life and unprecedented comfort through fully adjustable settings.

Spending time on crutches adds to everyday stress and the demands of a busy and active life-style. The last thing one needs is more frustration due to the pain and discomfort of being on crutches.

Consequently, the smartCRUTCH™ team has developed a new generation crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This revolutionary new ergonomic design transforms quality of life and offers unprecedented comfort.

A revolutionary crutch design driven through need

The revolutionary smartCRUTCH™ was developed and designed by Colin Albertyn and his team of experts. Colin’s experience with conventional crutches made him realise that there was a great need to improve the safety and comfort of a crutch and this led to this revolutionary idea being turned into an opportunity.

Crutches that are comfortable

Crutch News

Medical Expo
SmartCrutch is proud to announce that we are now exhibiting on www.medicalexpo.comlogo
Forearm Crutches For Walking

Forearm-CrutchesForearm crutches are great for anyone who can put little pressure on both legs and step with there crutches. They help you get around much easier and they are easier to take places compared to standard crutches due too there unique designs. The most popular forearm crutch we’ve seen to date is the SmartCrutch. It’s design makes this crutch be able to have custom features no other forearm crutch has. We haven’t made an article on this crutch yet, but you can take a look at all of the SmartCrutch features.

See our review on the Ocelco Website

Supercross Star Gareth Swanepoel

Gareth-SwanepoelSupercross and Motocross star Gareth Swanepoel breaks his tibia and fibula but is recovering well after being recommended crutches from smartcrutch.

Watch the video online here

Review from Allison Mann

allisonmannAlison Mann, The great Mountain Bike World Champion recently had some trouble when she bailed hard on a circuit at the World Cup in Windham. She is now recovering on our SmartCrutches!

Read her review here on her website.

MedSport Review the SmartCrutch

Thanks MedSport for Reviewing our Smartcrutch. Check the full review Here.

The Principle: Sports bracing is used to support, align, protect or hold a body part in the correct position. This support provides stability which controls movement and increases sensation.


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Crutches for Forearms | Crutches
smartCRUTCH Improvements
  • Increased surface area resulting in a six fold reduction in pressure
  • More comfort through even distribution on hands and forearms
  • Fully adjustable custom settings
  • Varied foot options for multiple surfaces and varied environments
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Crutches that don't hurt your hands
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