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Latest News
Josh Sundqvist Reviews for Amputees

Crutches-josh-sundqvistJosh Sundqvist tweets that finally his wrists will have a huge weight lifted off them this week as his new smartCRUTCHES, and here's a video of him reviewing the crutches and the difference they make for Amputees.

Chad Reeds Leg Break

Crutches-chad-reedChad Reed of SX/MX tweeted a pic of his injured right knee and got his Crutches right away. We wish him good luck for the surgery and a speedy recovery with the new crutches he'll be back on his bike in no time! Reviews Smartcrutch went ahead and wrote a fantastic review of our crutches. I just love the way the article starts "These are the best crutches in the world, no hyperbole." So put us to the test, our crutches will make your rehabilitation bearable while you concentrate of your recovery. They have 2 testimonials on their website which we are very proud of!


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