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"The Revolutionary New Crutches That Give You Unprecedented Comfort. Guaranteed!"

"Smartcrutch got me through 3.5 months of not being able to walk after being hit by a car (tibial plateau fracture). There is no way I would've been able to function at the level I did during that time with conventional crutches. THose conventional crutches destroyed my hands and shoulders after only 3 days of use. I'm glad I found smartcrutch. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Doug Kim


"Just ordered a red pair from Indeaids. I rang the company as I was ordering and the lady there was really patient and helpful and I highly recommend them!
I hadn't heard of this product until today found it while searching for forearm crutches but I will be telling everyone who shares my medical condition all about them.
I have to use crutches everyday and my wrists and elbows suffer greatly because of the,. I just wished someone had told me about them earlier! I can't wait for them to be delivered just in time to join in with school holiday activities with my daughter instead of having to sit on the sidelines because my hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders are hurting.
Thanks guys xxxx"

Jillian Nuttall


"I am handicapped and wear braces on both legs. Due to a sever fall in January I was forved to use regular crutches and a walker. Because these devices cause undue strain on one's wrists and hands I developed compression of the ulnar nerve which led to a numbness in my fingers. Purchasing your crutches has not only allowed me to move about more freely but is helping to ease the compression.
Your product is lightweight and very comfortable to use. I just wanted to let you know I am extremely satisfired with your crutches and most impressed by your personal phone call and customer service. You rarely see that these days in business practices and you should be commended.
My Sincere Thanks"

Mary F.


"Hi About 12 months ago i bought the Smartcrutches for my wife which she has found invaluable as she has spinal damage after 2 traffic accidents (not her fault!). We recently asked my mother-in-law to try my wife's Smartcrutches as she has spinal damage following surgery she was amazed how good they are for her condition and asked me to order her some as soon as possible...."

David L. Hancock


"These crutches are a *huge* improvement over the underarm or forearm crutch. I tore my Achilles tendon, had surgery, and I'll be on crutches for about 7-8 weeks. After just 1-2 weeks using underarm crutches, my hands were hurting and my sides were sore where the crutches pressed against me. I looked for forearm crutches to see if they were any better and in my search came across the SmartCrutch. They took some getting used to but once I did, I *loved* them. My hands and sides no longer hurt and it feels so much better to distribute my weight into my entire arms and upper back. Thanks!"

Julie N. / Arlington, MA


"I've had two amazing pairs of crutches - orange and green. They have been invaluable and amazingly comfortable. I am a teacher and have found they allow maximum movement around school, as well as a classroom. They are firm, yet allow flexibility."

Jo Bunn


"I am so happy that after 50 years I can use these crutches instead of those aeful crutches that were probably invented in the 1600's!
Thank you SmartCrutch I am the coolest Grandma ever!"

Mary D. / Bergen, NY


“Dear SmartCrutch,

Just wanted to say that your crutches are, without a doubt, the best product available on the market today. I had to use these for over 8 weeks after having reconstructive foot surgery. They are so comfortable to use you have to wonder why it took so long for somebody to figure out a design like this. No wrist strain, no armpit bruising, chaffing or discomfort. The adjustable arms let you create the angle most comfortable for you. My orthopaedic surgeon had never seen them before and was very impressed with the design as well. Can't say enough about them!”

Jeremy Lane


“I am 42, retired and have been using crutches for 6 weeks now due to a broken leg. The crutches are very useful and have certainly raised a lot of attention with their design. The concept is great and has certainly helped me get around without constant pain in the shoulders and wrists. Thanks and regards.”

Maarten De Graaf


“I am a disabled lady using crutches to walk. I found the smartCRUTCH so comfortable to use, I no longer have pains in my shoulder from crutches. I recommend these crutches to people!”

Lehlogonolo Chokwe


“I absolutely LOVE my smartCRUTCH - It's made living with a broken leg bearable! ”

Mary Royson (Full Time Mom)

“I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2. I have been on crutches for 9 years... Traditional crutches gave me severe back & hip pain. My friend suggested smartCRUTCHES... no more pain and my posture has improved tremedously. Thank you so much!”

Talana Potgieter

“I've used other crutches before and usually after 1 week I'm ready to burn them. But I've been on Smartcrutches now for 4 and a half weeks and I haven't got frustrated at all”

Greg Ferret (Motocross Rider)

“Not only does smartCRUTCH have the 'cool' factor, but I can spend hours on my feet on them without a problem ”

Marco Lamberti (Shop Owner)



Compare to Conventional Crutches
smartCRUTCH Improvements
  • Increased surface area resulting in a six fold reduction in pressure
  • More comfort through even distribution on hands and forearms
  • Fully adjustable custom settings
  • Varied foot options for multiple surfaces and varied environments
CRutches that don't hurt your hands