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"The Revolutionary New Crutches That Give You Unprecedented Comfort. Guaranteed!"

Crutches by smartCRUTCH™

Offers the user quality of life and unprecedented comfort through fully adjustable settings.

Spending time on crutches adds to everyday stress and the demands of a busy and active life-style. The last thing one needs is more frustration due to the pain and discomfort of being on crutches.

Consequently, the smartCRUTCH™ team has developed a new generation crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This revolutionary new ergonomic design transforms quality of life and offers unprecedented comfort.

A revolutionary crutch design driven through need

The revolutionary smartCRUTCH™ was developed and designed by Colin Albertyn and his team of experts. Colin’s experience with conventional crutches made him realise that there was a great need to improve the safety and comfort of a crutch and this led to this revolutionary idea being turned into an opportunity.

Crutches that are comfortable

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Crutches for Forearms | Crutches
smartCRUTCH Improvements
  • Increased surface area resulting in a six fold reduction in pressure
  • More comfort through even distribution on hands and forearms
  • Fully adjustable custom settings
  • Varied foot options for multiple surfaces and varied environments
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